iCorrect® Portrait 1.5 User Guide


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Getting Started
    1. Getting Help
    2. Color Correction
    3. Preview Image
    4. More Controls
    5. Preferences
  4. Color Correction
    1. Tonal Range
    2. Brightness and Contrast
    3. Correcting Memory Colors
    4. Defining Memory Colors
  5. Finishing Up
  6. Automating Using Photoshop Actions

In addition to providing direct links from the table of contents above, we have also provided a small navigation control to allow you to select pages in the User Guide:

Annotated Navigation Panel

Note: This HTML User Guide is cross-platform. That is, if you view it with a browser running on a Windows computer, the User Guide describes the Windows version of iCorrect Portrait. Conversely, if you view it with a browser on a Macintosh, the Guide describes the Macintosh version. The differences are primarily related to the user interface appearance, but there are a few differences in the text also.

Platform Differences

Note: All images in this User Guide have been prepared for viewing on an sRGB display, which is close to what is typically found on a PC. If your monitor is not set up to this standard, or if you are viewing on an LCD display, the colors in the images may appear to be a little off. Click here to adjust your monitor closer to the sRGB standard.

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